This page describes the configuration and logging options related to Raft consensus.

See also

See Config Reference for a detailed explanation of common config reference.

Config Reference

Module Property name Meaning
consensus.raft name raft node name. name should be unique in cluster
  newcluster initialize a new raft cluster if it doesn’t already exist
  skipempty skip producing block if there is no transactions in block
  heartbeattick heartbeat time(millisec) of raft node
  electiontickcount number of heartbeattick to wait before becomeing a candidate without heartbeat
  blockfactorytickms interval(millisec) to check if block factory should run new task
  blockintervalms block generation interval(millisec).It overrides BlockInterval of consensus
  usebackup use backup datafiles for initializing a new cluster or joining an existing cluster
  snapfrequency frequency which raft make snapshot with log
  recoverbp bp info for initializing a new cluster from backup data files
  slownodegap Max difference of chain height for determining if a node is a slow node

Logging options

To see the log related to Raft consensus, add a raft section to arglog.toml.

level = "info"