Aergo is developing a practical blockchain platform, frameworks, libraries, and tools.

Design goals

There are four main ideologies regarding this project.

  • Developer-friendly
  • Guaranteed performance
  • Scalable architecture
  • Open, extensible, inter-connectable network

Current features

  • BFT-dPOS with voting

  • Name system

  • Aergo Lua smart contract

  • Ship (development framework, package management)

  • Simple client API

  • Client SDKs

  • Sub projects

    • Litetree
    • Sparse Merkle Tree
  • Hub Enterprise (management and monitoring)

  • Merkle bridge verification

  • Testnet deployment


These features are under active development or planned.

  • Aergo SQL
  • Parallelism (inter-contract)
  • Simple branching (2WP or simple Plasma)
  • Orchestration with Aergo Horde
  • Service with Aergo Hub
  • Advanced performance features