Dapp Development

This article gives an introduction into the high level approach to developing dapps on the AERGO blockchain.

Development cycle

These are components of today’s blockchain application development cycle that Aergo offers new solutions for.

  1. Design (UX patterns, economic models)
  2. Clients (interacting with the blockchain)
  3. Smart contracts (new programming patterns, debugging and testing)
  4. Infrastructure (deployment cost, security, privacy, monitoring)


The possibilities of designing applications for Aergo are endless: social networks, distributed organizations, games, monetary systems, asset management, trading, databases, public deliberation, crowdsourcing, …

Aergo tries to not limit designers’ and developers’ creativity to create novel applications. However, the platform aims to offer reasonable guidelines, standard protocols, and well-tested models to make designing dapps easier than ever.


Using the Hera SDK family, client applications can easily interact with the blockchain.

Smart contracts

Smart contracts are the main backend component of distributed applications. As other blockchain platforms had a serious limitation in terms of cost and scalability, it used to be not feasible to develop large scale, complex systems. With Aergo and the use of embedded sidechains and proof systems, smart contracts can really shine.

Aergo also offers a development toolchain that includes package management, Aergo Ship.


Aergo is currently available as a public testnet and separate private installations. In the future, a network of blockchains can be orchestrated using Aergo Horde. Aergo Hub will offer an easy configuration and monitoring interface. With these features, developers will not have to worry about the deployment of their applications.