Funding Accounts


To create transactions on the public testnet, you need an account with a positive balance. After creating an account, this is how can fund your account for testing.

  1. Go to, enter your account address, and click Request Tokens.
  2. Depending on demand, you need to wait for a moment. If the queue is full, try again a bit later.
  3. Check your account on Aergoscan. You should have received some AERGO tokens for your testing purposes.

These AERGO tokens are only valid on the testnet and cannot be sold or bought. They are only useful for developing and testing applications. Please only request as many tokens as you actually need.

If you have any trouble creating an account or receiving testnet tokens, please ask for help on our Discord channel.


You can swap AERGO ERC-20 tokens to AERGO Mainnet native tokens. Please refer to this blog post: Aergo 2-way native token swap to ERC-20