Name System

Aergo contains a name service to translate addresses into easy to remember short names.

One name maps to exactly one address. Names are currently fixed to a length of 12 characters.

Using the name system

The easiest way to create and update names is the aergocli.

Registering and updating names currently requires spending 1 aergo.

To register a new name:

aergocli name new --from my_unlocked_account_address --name my12charname

To retrieve the owner of a registered name:

aergocli name owner --name my12charname

To change mapping the name:

aergocli name update --from my_unlocked_account_address --to account_address --name my12charname

Technical details

Names are stored in the state of the special account They are created and updated using special governance transactions. Refer to transaction types for the technical specification of these actions. Governance transactions currently don’t require any fee, but the name system requires an amount of 1 aergo to be included in the transaction.

Transactions that create or update names are effective after they are included in a block. That means that you can only refer to new or updated names in the following block.